How Can There Be Order Without Law?

How Can Laws That Were 'Made To Be Broken' Bring Order?

How about a Society Where There is Order Without Law?

  • Individual Sovereignty

    Individual sovereignty is above the State

  • Community Laws

    Communities have rights to dictate their own laws

  • State Protection

    State only protects the rights of people

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    UnLawed Order

    With the Blockchain we could eat part of our cake and have part. The UnLawed Society proposes:

    [1] A Multicolored Legal System which allows people to subscribe to the legal systems of their communties.

    [2] A Multicratic Governance System where governments do not rule over the people, but people rule over themselves. Government will simply be a social utility.

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    Tuesday, 16 August 2016

    UnLawed Freedom

    UnLawed Freedom